All Things Work for Good

These are the high holy days of gardening. If you are a gardener, these are the days in which all the hard work comes to its glorious fruition. If you planted zucchini, more than likely you have paper bags full of the green torpedos ready to gift to all your friends. I myself did not plant zucchini so feel free to pass a few my way.

Zucchini is my favorite reminder of creation. That God gives all things and wastes nothing. I roast them with olive oil, bake them into lasagnas, grate them and make zucchini bread, sneak them into chocolate chip cookies for vegetable-averse youngsters. Nothing on a zucchini is wasted, all gets used and used in a variety of ways.

God carries this principle into all creation and all things. However difficult an event or experience may be, God works to bring the good from it and to turn it to good. Nothing gets wasted. I find this comforting. To know that tragic events will ultimately, through God’s intervention and grace, yield some fruit that is Good, tells me that God is Good.

God’s creation of zucchini gives me hope. You who are trying to figure out ways to give away all that extra zucchini may not have as pleasant a view, but in zucchini, I see hope of God’s goodness.

May you too see God’s goodness in all of creation.

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