“This campaign is a wonderful opportunity to do things in our church we have long dreamt of. I have been a member of Christ Church for many years, and now we are moving forward like never before!” — Cathy Hughes

Together Now Capital Campaign

In the summer of 2011, the Waltham City Council approved Christ Church’s application for $175,000 to fund exterior and window renovations crucial to the structural preservation of our historic building. This enables us in our own campaign to engage in projects to expand our capacity for ministry. The campaign will help us to fulfill our vision for Christ Church.

Church leaders, the Vestry, and parishioners are proposing a dramatic recommitment to our faith through an intensive reinvestment in our Church. Now is the time for action. We are in the final stages of an extraordinary fundraising effort and look to the remaining community to propel us to success.

Our ambitious campaign goal of $260,000 will allow us to increase handicap accessibility, restore and update our narthex and other interior spaces, and perform environmental upgrades to minimize our use of our earth’s precious resources while partnering with our diocese to deepen our connection to the larger church. We envision a church that:

Welcomes All and Encourages Fellowship: $39,700
The entry of our church requires attention so that it may be a physically sound and stable space. Being hospitable to all our visitors begins with repaving the parking lot to allow for a safe arrival at the church. In the narthex, internal renovations addressing past moisture damage are necessary, including work to the walls and tile floor. These improvements will make the space welcoming to all.

Appreciates the Contributions of Everyone: $52,575
In order to meet our vision of a church that is open to the gifts of all our members, we must make our space accessible to all. By improving the handicap accessibility of Christ Church, we will not only increase the worship opportunities for the disabled but also increase the opportunity for outside groups to make use of our abundant space. Investing in this area now helps to position Christ Church for a future full of vitality and embracing all.

Stewards the Earth and Our Building: $44,115
Performing much-needed work on the facilities of Christ Church will not only impact the usage of our building, but also reduce our impact on the environment. Through projects such as evaluating our insulation and H-VAC systems, as well as renovating our restrooms, Christ Church can better suit the needs of the friends who worship here and make use of our space.

Strives for Justice and Opens our Doors: $40,150
Several rooms downstairs are currently unusable due to issues of moisture. As we address the systemic issues of the tower and building stability, we will be able to responsibly renovate those areas to further our ministries. Updating floors and walls throughout the building will beautify our space and allow our building to reflect the vibrancy of our community.