Episcopal Shield
We envision a church that:
  1. Welcomes all newcomers and encourages fellowship through social events and opportunities for outreach and service, collaborating with others in service of the common good.
  2. Strives for justice and peace among all people; that gives our time, treasure, and talents to serve vulnerable populations such as the poor, the sick, the hungry, the oppressed, and those in prison.
  3. Values the liturgy and worship of the Episcopal Church; that is both grounded in tradition and open to the world.
  4. Nurtures an active prayer life and encourages spiritual growth in Communion with God.
  5. Fosters the clarification of Christian thinking through study, reflection, and discussion; that recognizes these pursuits as vital to the practice of Christian charity and humility in a broken world.
  6. Is committed to growing a vibrant and diverse Christian community; that develops its resources to follow God’s call.
  7. Has reverence for the earth as God’s own creation and uses its resources rightly in the service of others; that advocates for responsible stewardship of the earth locally and globally.
  8. Celebrates the gifts of every phase of the journey of life and appreciates the contributions of everyone, from our youngest to our oldest members.
  9. Appreciates music in worship and seeks to include musical contributions from all members of the community.
  10. Stewards the legacy of our historic building; that opens our doors to host other communities of faith; that invites all to share our grounds as a place of beauty and peace in the heart of Waltham.