Moving On, a story by Jaime Bonney

Moving On…A Story by Jaime Bonney

Dear People of Christ Church,
Many of you have now heard that I will be moving on at the end of the summer. Come Labor Day, I will begin a residency at MGH, where I will serve as a chaplain throughout the year. I anticipate that my last day at Christ Church will be August 30.

I have been so fortunate to get to know many of you in the course of supporting the ministries of the church, some in person, and many just by email or phone! In looking back at the past three years, I have been taking stock of all the changes in the office and the church. But for me, what’s most remarkable is the stability, continuity, and care that have caused me to feel grounded in my work with the parish.

I have joyfully felt and responded especially to the pastoral dimension of my role here at Christ Church. Good administration is pastorally sensitive, and here at CCW, that dimension of my work has been nourished. It was a pleasure to work with Rev. Sara and learn from her, and it has been important to me to be able to stay until Rev. Rebecca’s arrival as the interim priest. Both have helped me to grow in my pastoral calling. Now I will be continuing to grow my pastoral skills by serving as a hospital chaplain for an academic year at MGH! While I have no idea where God may be leading me in this next journey, I am grateful to be bringing with me the experiences and connections that have been a blessing to me in my time at Christ Church. I am so excited to be transformed again in that work and to experience the presence of God in that place.

I see in the timing of these changes, a strong sense of God’s timing. Much of what I hoped to accomplish when I took on the challenges of managing the office at Christ Church is now done. We have laid down many systems that will continue to serve the parish after my departure, and my leaving now opens the door to bring a new person who can see the parish through the next phase of welcoming a new rector, responding freshly to the ongoing transformations unfolding now.

I am excited to see where the future will take Christ Church! I will continue to be a friend to the parish, and a nearby resource. Please do be in touch!


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