Awesome Mystery Unfolding

Awaken to the awesome mystery of God
Who cradles the earth and all her peoples,
Who planted the laws of justice and mercy in our hearts,
Who nurtured and nudged the saints of the ages
and the teachers of the people
Forgiving them their faults, mistakes,
addictions, and selfishness,
And invited them to grow and change.
Awaken to this awesome mystery
Follow it all your days.
Christine Robinson  Psalm 99 Awaken!

Where do you see the awesome mystery of God unfolding here at Christ Church?

I see it in the care taken in setting and adorning the altar each week by the Altar Guild; I see it in the careful and thoughtful work of the Search Committee. I see it in the dedication and commitment of the Vestry and Officers of the Parish.

I see the awesome mystery of God, that which nurtures and nudges, plants justice and forgives in the faces of the entire gathered community at 750 Main St–the outreach work of Diaper Depot and Grandma’s Pantry, the collective prayer and worship and praise of THREE congregations using the building, the loving care of the Chaplains on the Way and the nurture of people and nature taking place every day.

God will always invite us to growth and change and awe if only we assent.I hope you are, in the midst of worries, anxieties and feeling the pressures of life, following the unfolding mystery of God in this familiar space.

The Rev. Rebecca Black

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