Welcome Bishop Gayle Harris

Bishop Gayle E Harris will be with us this Sunday for a pastoral visitation!

Some things to know about Bishops in the Episcopal Church:
“Episcopal” is another word for Bishops. we are a “Church of Bishops.”
One of the three orders of ordained ministers in the church, bishops are
charged with the apostolic work of leading, supervising, and uniting
the church. Bishops represent Christ and his church, and they are called
to provide Christian vision and leadership for their dioceses. The BCP notes
that the bishop is “to act in Christ’s name for the reconciliation of the
world and the building up of the church; and to ordain others to continue
Christ’s ministry.” Bishops stand in the apostolic succession, maintaining
continuity in the present with the ministry of the Apostles. Bishops serve
as chief pastors of the church, exercising a ministry of oversight and
supervision. Since the bishop’s ministry is a ministry of oversight, the term
“episcopal” (derived from the Greek episcopos, “overseer”) is applied to
matters pertaining to bishops.

Black Bishops in the Episcopal Church 1874-Present

Over the past 142 years there have been 42 Black Bishops consecrated in
the Episcopal Church.  These Bishops hail from the African Diaspora,
as well as Africa. The African Diaspora includes those people of African
descent living throughout the world in the United States, the Caribbean,
Central America and other countries.The most recently consecrated
Black Bishop is Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Bishop of the
Diocese of Indianapolis consecrated October 28, 2016.

The Right Reverend Gayle Elizabeth Harris was consecrated
January 18, 2003 in the Diocese of Massachusetts, as Bishop
Suffragan of Massachusetts.
She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and
served parishes in Washington, DC. and Rochester, NY. She has also
served as Vice President of Church Pension Fund, as President of Mass
Council of Churches, on the CREDO Advisory Committee, and on the
Nominating Committee for Presiding Bishop. Bishop Gayle is the second
African-American and third woman of color to be ordained a bishop in
the Episcopal Church.

Bishop Gayle will be meeting with a number of groups in the morning,
then leading our worship at 10am, followed by a joint PotLuck with
St. Peter’s when Bishop Gayle will address the congregation and answer questions.

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